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Your insurance company may have already assigned an insurance adjuster, so why would you need a public adjuster to settle your claim.

Insurance companies have in the past undervalued or even denied a claim. Don’t for one second believe you are out of luck. At Suncoast Claims, Inc. we help you to receive a proper claim settlement. We go through the fine print in your policy and have a deep understanding of any damages incurred on your property due to an extreme weather event.

Consider this fact: a public insurance adjuster pays for themselves!

As Public Adjusters Houston, the state licenses us. We have to adhere to stringent rules. As public adjusters, we are only allowed to charge a fee if we improve on the offer given in the original settlement. Add to this, the fact that our public adjuster fees are pre-determined by the Department of Insurance. These public adjuster fees have limits placed on them and are only a pre-determined percentage of the overall settlement. You are guaranteed that unless we can increase your settlement amount, we will not receive any payment!

Another thing to consider is when preparing estimates for damages – would you rather have a licensed public insurance adjuster who places your interests first or a representative from an insurance carrier whose aim is to minimize losses to the organization?

As with any role in the insurance industry, public adjusters Houston Texas adhere to a strict code of regulations and ethics determined by the state. We have a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the concerns that business owners and homeowners have to face up to, after an insurance loss.

Our experience as public adjusters Houston Texas, in the industry and the knowledge gained for years of honing our skills allow us to walk you slowly through each step of the claims process. We carry the burden on your behalf. It’s unacceptable for insurance companies to offer low-ball settlements when you have available expert public insurance adjusters Houston Texas just one phone call away.

Remember our guarantee. If we don’t increase your settlement offer, there is no public adjuster fee applicable! The best part is we have licensed public adjusters in many states, as well as Houston, TX.

There is a set process we follow when working as your public adjusters Houston Texas, including:

We begin by meticulously working through your insurance policy, the declaration page, and whatever fine print found in it. We do this to determine best the amount of coverage under the policy.

It’s important to remember that the policy we look at was the one in place when the date of loss occurred.

Should you have a unique claim, we have an extensive list of experts we recommend as subject-matter specialists, including architects, general contractors electricians, and others, we have as part of our network.

You need a “public adjuster near me”. Give us Public Adjusters Houston, a call today for your insurance claim needs.

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