Overview of our public adjuster services in Fort Worth

There may be pre-existing conditions which will cause your insurance carrier to deny coverage for certain losses. We have found in the past that commercial property owners have paid a heavy price for business interruptions after an extreme weather event.  This is because of protracted litigation due to coverage disputes, potentially leading to bankruptcy.

We use all our expertise and skill to expedite the claim process and plan everything in advance. Suncoast Claims, Inc. has implemented a signature Claim Denial Prevention Program to help administer the risk related to coverage disputes. To learn more about why you should hire a public adjuster.

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During the pre-loss risk assessment, a confidential report is drafted to identify all risks after a site inspection and a review of the insurance policy for your property.

Call us today at Public Adjuster Fort Worth, to be part of our Claim Denial Prevention Program. All insured participants also receive a rebate on our already well priced Public Adjuster fees. This is guaranteed should you use our firm to be your representation for any subsequent claim.

Below are the Steps in our Process

Our professional public adjuster will meet you at one or more of your properties. One thing all our previous clients have asked us for is to find a public adjuster near me. We are close enough to be at your promises at short notice.

They will thoroughly inspect the property, looking out for any damages which the insurance carrier could have missed. Everything will be documented including digital photos taken and detailed notes made.

Your policy will be reviewed to consider all coverage available.

The insurance carriers estimates will be reviewed and adjustments made to look at “real world” costs for replacement and rebuilding.

Our Public Adjuster Fort Worth will deal with all the details related to processing your claim.

A proper settlement will be submitted towards your claim and they will walk you through the technical process.

Once the claim is submitted, please advise your insurance carrier representative to communicate directly with us, for anything pertaining to your claim. You no longer have to liaise with the insurance carrier, as representation is transferred over to us for your claim.

Our expert Public Adjuster Fort Worth will measure and inspect your loss and do a thorough review of your insurance policy. The date and type of loss will be confirmed, as well as claiming the correct amounts for the loss, after a detailed site inspection. We will stand on your behalf as advocates, until settlement of your claim and go as far as attending any Mediations, Depositions or even testify in litigation – should it reach this point.

All communication and correspondence from the insurance company will be reviewed, as well as the damage estimate. This service is included in the public adjuster fees we receive.

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