15816988 - flood in seattle area, usa, washingtonWhat you do in the first hours after a flood can make a huge difference in your health and safety and how quickly you can address the flood damage.

One of the main dangers after a flood is electricity. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix! Never enter a flooded home without making sure that the electricity has been turned off by your utility company first. You’ll also want to avoid direct contact with flood water because of the potential for raw sewage and toxic chemicals. For more steps to take in first 24 hours after a flood, go to this link.

You’ll want to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible, but we also encourage you to contact us. Suncoast Claims can help you recover a proper settlement from your insurance carrier after a weather-related disaster. We are a family business with customers from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast.

Why work with us? Your insurance company has its own adjuster — and you should too! We inspect and measure your loss, review your policy, confirm the date and type of loss, and claim appropriate loss amounts based on a thorough site inspection. We also advocate on your behalf until the claim settles. Want to learn more? Call us today at 800-803-9776!