41917739 - car rides in heavy rain on a flooded roadEleven years ago, Hurricane Katrina took Louisiana, and storm watch experts, by surprise when it made landfall and leveled entire communities. With more 1,800 people killed and more than $100 billion in damage, Katrina still stands as one of the costliest natural disasters in United States history. Unfortunately, Katrina may have just been the beginning of large scale flooding, and scientists are looking at the effect climate change and rising sea levels have on coastal floods.

Research shows that as sea levels rise due to global warming, climate change will increase damage done by hurricanes. Some research goes as far as to say that climate change has increased the actual frequency of big storms, too.

If a weather event impacts your property, Suncoast Claims can help you recover a proper settlement from your insurance carrier. We are a family business that brings expertise and integrity to the claims adjusting process from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast.

We inspect and measure your loss, review your policy, confirm the date and type of loss, and claim appropriate loss amounts based on a thorough site inspection. We advocate on your behalf until the claim settles, even if that means attending mediations, depositions, or testifying in litigation.

We have been instrumental in obtaining payment on property claims from nearly every major hurricane landfall in the southeastern U.S. since our founding in October 2005.