If you are a real estate investor or commercial property owner, we provide proactive consultation to expedite future claims.  Our goal for the pre-loss consultation is to minimize the risk of the carrier decreasing, delaying, or denying your future claims by ensuring your property meets applicable building code requirements.  

Expedite Future Claims

Some losses are denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  For commercial property owners, business interruption following an extreme weather event can be costly, and may even lead to bankruptcy if insurance settlements are protracted through litigation around coverage disputes.  Help expedite the claim process by preparing in advance.  

Claim Denial Prevention Program

Suncoast Claims, Inc. also offers a signature Claim Denial Prevention Program that helps manage the risk of coverage disputes.  We will perform a confidential pre-loss consultation to identify these risks based on a site inspection as well as a review of your insurance policy. Contact us about becoming a client in our Claim Denial Prevention Program. Participating insured’s receive a rebate on our Public Adjuster fees in the event that our firm is retained to represent you on a subsequent claim.  

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