49618835 - crisis just ahead sign with a bad dayIt’s a fact: Disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes can cripple a small company. That’s why it’s not surprising that at least one-quarter to one-half of businesses don’t survive after a natural disaster. But there are three steps a business can take to dramatically increase the odds of survival after an adverse event such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood or earthquake. They are:

Purchasing the right insurance. Having the right commercial coverage is key to surviving a disaster. Depending on where the business is located, for example, you may need flood or earthquake insurance. But coverage for floods and earthquakes is generally not included in general business policies; additional coverage must be purchased to be protected against these two threats. Would a temporary loss in revenue be a huge problem for your business? Your insurance agent can discuss business interruption coverage and whether it makes sense for your company. Sizing up your risks and meeting with your company’s insurance agent to purchase the right coverage is an important first step in disaster planning.

Making plans. Planning also can dramatically increase a company’s odds of survival. A business continuity plan addresses all of the ways a company can continue to do business after a disaster. That includes, among other things, planning in advance for alternative facilities, equipment and supplies, power, communications and computer systems. A disaster response plan takes that idea one step further and sets up a framework for how to respond on the day of a disaster. Employee training is a big part of any disaster response plan, as is periodic testing of your company’s plan.

Calling us after disaster hits. Insurance policies can have a lot of confusing fine print. At Suncoast Claims, we advocate on your behalf until your claim settles, even if that means attending mediations, depositions, or testifying in litigation proceedings. Your insurance company has its own adjuster. We’re here to represent you! Learn more about us today by calling 1-800-803-9776. We look forward to answering your questions!