When a homeowner or commercial property manager does not utilize the services of a public adjuster, property claims many times settle for less than the amount needed to make the repairs. If you have a client dealing with a large, disputed or complicated loss, it is in your best interest for them to contact Suncoast Claims so they have the ability to recover a proper settlement that fully covers the cost of repairs. Suncoast Claims works on behalf of your client to maximize the claim per the policy and facts of the loss.

The Suncoast Advantage

For over 10 years, Suncoast Claims has been helping homeowners and commercial property managers work through claims adjustment. Understanding a complicated insurance policy can be difficult, and insurance companies depend on this lack of knowledge in order to settle for less. At Suncoast Claims, we read the small print and understand the regulations so you, and the client, don’t have to.
Once we prepare a loss estimate for any given property, we submit this claim to the insurance carrier, requesting compensation for all damages.  We work alongside you, the contractor, to fully understand the cost of the repairs in relation to the intricacies of the client’s claim settlement.
We work with you to represent the client’s interests in all interactions with the carrier.  If there is a disagreement as to the amount of our estimate and the settlement offered by the carrier, we continue to pursue the claim through a mediation and appraisal process.  In the unlikely event that a claim is still unresolved and goes to litigation, we will work alongside an attorney to defend your claim. Our number one priority is ensuring the client receives a full settlement, and you are paid in full for all repairs.
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